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Zenbok: Personal Coaching

Our 5 Key Mind-Body Healing Modalities

Zenbok - Positive Hypnosis
Positive Hypnosis
Zenbok - Fitness
Polyvagal Theory
Zenbok Mindfulness
Zenbok - Sound Bathing
Sound Therapy
Zenbok - Forest Bathing
Forest Bathing

A Choice of Wellness Topics

Personalised Wellness Planning

Ongoing Support

Health Coach Ian Matthews on TaskHuman_edited.png

Help Yourself to Self-Heal

The most popular personal transformation topics are:

Mindfulness | Emotional Intelligence | Self-Care | Positive Hypnosis |Stress Management | Weight-loss | Leadership Self-Awareness | Relationship Conflict | Home Fitness

Ian designs and offers the specific tools that work for you.

The Zenbok Digital Wellness Platform

Get the latest news on our online programs and the ground-breaking proprietary MAVA Healing System. Find out how it can help you and your teams to get started now and use the tools to enhance your mental health and wellbeing.
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At first, I was a little bit nervous of online personal coaching. But from the very first video call session, Ian put me at ease with the whole process. He explained my 6-Session Weight-loss Program so I knew exactly what I had to do. At the end of each week he evaluated my progress and modified my plan accordingly. I got the peace of mind and rapid results I needed.

Natalie: Business Development Manager, Paris.

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