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Pay Attention! Sack Emotional Hi-jack.

Updated: May 16, 2021

I started my brand new morning routine in February. It has been a choiceful mind and time-grabber. I take ownership of my attention as soon as I wake up, because these days there are so many devices that want to take it from you. Instead, I spend my first 20 minutes intentionally using the human technology that we are born with (mind, body and emotions) to serve me healthily as I start my day. That is now my conscious choice.

Contrast that, to waking up and reaching for my phone or pc, and getting my attention, time (and ultimately my emotional wellbeing) grabbed by manipulative external sources. In this instance it takes seconds for the stress, negative thoughts and inner self-sabotage to start.

With mindfulness practice, you can dissolve these harmul thoughts emotions, in 6 seconds! Join my upcoming free talk series (including an informal discussion and Q&A) to learn more about signing up for the Pay Attention! masterclass. Discover how to break patterns of unconscious thinking and reclaim your attention using everyday mindfulness practices.

Visit my website or Linked In page to book my events that help build your attention muscle:

Ian Matthews, Healthy Mind Coach, Founder of Zenbok. LinkedIn Healthy Mind, Healthy Life


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