• Ian Matthews

Love´s Conduits - A Source of Healing

We have all met someone or experienced something in our lives that filled us full of love and seemed at once soothing, healing, or even ´other-worldly´. We shared an experience that felt spiritual, and yet it also grounded us firmly to the present moment. I have been blessed to meet many people who have these healing qualities. They include those in the caring and healing professions. What do they share exactly? Love, actually. No, not the romantic love, like we see in the movies. They share the pure love which they have been open to receive, that emanates through them and seeps into our being. In a very real sense when we are near them, they make us feel loved, healed and whole again. They are love´s conduit. There are many conduits of love on this planet. Modern science and ancient wisdom now both agree that absolutely everything around us that we experience, either consciously or unconsciously, manifests from this one source, one intelligence, one consciousness: Love. The next time you hug your partner or child, fundamentally what is happening in that precise moment is that one love conduit is hugging another love conduit. Perfect healing.

Trees are love conduits too. In a sense they share it and heal us from their roots up. In essence, we are all love conduits. If only we would take the time in our day to practice noticing it. To drop back into it, receive it and pass it on. How to start to do that? Just meditate and you may soon believe it and heal with it. In gratitude and love, Ian Matthews Zenbok Healthy Mind Coach Coaching - Training - Consulting www.zenbok.org Just Sit - Just Meditate - Just Breathe

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