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Positive Mental Wellness: Maybe It´s Time. Begin Within.

Updated: Apr 8

With participants so far from Germany, UK, Phillipines, India, Lithuania, USA, South Korea and Ireland it has been a thoroughly enjoyable online experience - both to introduce and discuss my new Mindful Moonshot Masterclass with attentive people worldwide, and then lead a shared group experience of one of my Accelerated Stress-Release (ASR) techniques. It is clear that there is a global shift happening in terms of people taking ownership of their self-care and wellbeing. Investing in the ease of access and low financial commitment of online coaching plays a key role on their journey to a healthy mind and better living.

A big thanks to the most recent and receptive participants who contributed to my recent intro session; which included the President of Coherence LLC, an unstoppable eco-warrior from Dublin, a tri-athlete from Germany and a Seoul financier. Mindfulness is a powerful resource and an advantageous mental trait to cultivate, as you climb the ladder of personal and professional success. If you wish to learn my mindfulness-based model and accelerated approach to accessing the power of your mind and creative energy flow - please consider joining my free live talks, which are regularly scheduled and can be booked via the Zenbok website and from my personal Linked In page. (URL links below).

Get your ticket now and get ready to grab yourself a coffee, meet us online, and begin within. Much health, Ian Matthews, Healthy Minds Coach, Founder of Zenbok. www.zenbok.org LinkedIn Healthy Mind/Better Living

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