• Ian Matthews

The Mindful Moonshot Program - Catch A Falling Star

Updated: Apr 8

Recently I launched my first intro talk which offers everyone, everywhere an online opportunity to find out more about my Mindful Moonshot Masterclass. The 45-minute talk on Zoom will interest those who wish to freely discover everyday mindfulness practices that are proven to help you deal with the ongoing harmful effects of stress, anxiety and tension. The Mindful Moonshot blends 20 years of Ian´s research and applied practice into a series of online masterclasses, personal coaching sessions and group training workshops - for a healthy mind and better life. Check out my website or personal Linked In page - for the free intro talk schedule, online easy-booking details and a range of personal and professional development advice: Much health,

Ian Matthews, Healthy Minds Coach, Founder of Zenbok. www.zenbok.org LinkedIn Healthy Mind/Better Living

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