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Out With The Old & In With The New

Updated: May 16, 2021

Meeting and filming this man Jon Kabat-Zinn a few years ago made me realise that we have a choice of whether to accept suffering, or to do something about it. I woke up to the reality that I was in passive acceptance of certain elements and areas of my life that were stressful, and I was not protecting and nourishing my mind and body as much as I previously thought. In particular, I felt that I needed to address and establish ways to further enhance my mental wellness.

So I set the intention to commit 100% to a daily process of mindful habits and practices, beginning from the very first moment that I awoke in the morning.

I experienced a huge shift in focus and momentum.

My flagship Mindful Moonshot Masterclass is a powerful self-healing system where you can experience the ´shift’ for yourself. You can learn the exact everyday mindfulness practices and accelerated stress-releasing tools that I use, and that have helped 1000s of my personal and business clients to quiet their mind, regain inner balance and tap in to unlimited creative energy. Find out more by chatting with myself, the program coach and facilitator. You can book a free spot at my next 45 minute discovery talk, live on Zoom by checking the schedule via my website or personal Linked In page, below. Much Health, Ian Matthews, Healthy Mind Coach, Founder of Zenbok. LinkedIn Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

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