• Ian Matthews

Trauma: Use The WACK Technique To Bounce Back

In the aftermath of my own emotional injuries following the sudden death of a loved one, I was fortunate enough to be able draw on my mindfulness teachings and practices, and eventually reboot myself, to bounce back. That´s the power of the mind. Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the mind. I remember as a toddler, my father telling me how ¨powerful the mind is¨. I was hooked on it right there and then. Fast forward.. and as a young adult, I was struck then how easily we seem to give that power away to others. I noticed that we quite literally and very often, hand our minds and our mental wellbeing over to ´mental experts´ who occasionally (but not always) seem to be even flakier than a bar of the crumbliest, flakiest, Cadburys Flake chocolate!

So my mission ever since has been to trust in my own ability, intuition, deep research and constancy of practice, and learn how to manage and develop my own mental wellbeing. Its not always been a solo mission, I have also been fortunate to cross personal paths with, and gain incredible insights and practices from, some of the worlds leading (healthy mind) thought leaders; including Buddhist scholar Kelsang Gyatso who I spent 6 months with at his working retreats at the stunning Manjushri Temple in North West England,

and Mindfulness (MBSR) founder Jon Kabat-Zinn who I met, filmed and had a personal 1 to 1 with on a rooftop in Barcelona.

I also include meeting and working with many inspiring clinical psychologists and wellbeing practitioners too.

What methods would I recommend to quickly bounce back from trauma and reset your own resilience and wellbeing? Well, I used mindfulness tools and practices - based on the mnemonic of ´W.A.C.K.´

W - Wisdom

A - Acceptance

C - Compassion

K - Kindness

The WACK Technique helped me enormously to reset and reboot my mental wellbeing just when I needed it. The beauty is that most of the 4 elements involved take no time at all to practise, and they only need yourself to do, nothing else.

For more in-depth details of how each element works, and how the technique may assist you too in tough times of mental stress simply contact me via my website. Yours Aye, Ian Matthews Healthy Minds Coach www.zenbok.org Ian is the founder of Zenbok, a Positive Mental Wellness Company. His passion and motivation is to assist you to free your mind from stress. For more info he can be contacted at hellozenbok@gmail.com

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