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We All Be Playing Those Mind Games, Together

Updated: May 16, 2021

´We all be playing those mind games, together..´ - John Lennon. He sang that 50 years ago, in reverence of the minds immense power. Today the mind gets a terribly bad press. The focus is usually on what´s wrong with it, rather than how we can learn to skilfully operate the incredibly inner technology that it is.

Our brain operates with a predominantly negative bias. But our mind is up for grabs in how we use it. In other words, if we choose to think positive thoughts, we can. Negative thoughts, yep we can do that too, all day long if we consciously or unconsciously choose to.

´The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.´ - John Milton. Another John. He too spoke of the mind, many moons ago. Maybe he was hinting that its time that we take back control and learn how to operate it more skillfully.

With a sprinkle of self-awareness, a dab of study into how the mind works (you know, the important life-stuff they never taught us at school), and maybe drop the seriousness of it all once in a while, we can skilfully play our mind the way we like, while having fun with it too. All that becomes possible when you learn how to use everyday mindfulness practices.

Check my website or personal Linked In page, to discover how to play healthy, awareness-expanding mind games. Because you can.

Much health,

Ian Matthews, Healthy Mind Coach, Founder of Zenbok. LinkedIn Healthy Mind, Healthy Life


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