Take action on your intention to introduce new lifestyle habits into your life in 2022. Learn how to stop, slow-down, and soothe your stress to ensure you can show up and perform at your peak. Choose Inner Evolution, the natural way to reset, regulate and reinvent yourself.
Online Meditation

Mindfulness to Calm your Mind

Iyengar Yoga

Workouts to Condition your Body


Breathwork for Emotional Resilience

Guided coaching sessions with your live Pro Health Coach can be tailored to fit into your busy day. Available In-Person or instantly to your phone, tablet or PC. Get in touch with Ian to find out how Inner Evolution will empower your organisational and self-care goals.

You´ll awaken to a healthier, happier lifestyle that leads to numerous wellbeing benefits, including:

Improved health
Sense of grounding
Decreased stress
Enhanced flexibility
Increased muscle tone
Reduced body fat
emotional resilience
Restored youth

Ian´s wish is to pass on the abilities of self-care, self-regulation and self-liberation to everyone he meets throughout the world. Join him to to learn how to tune up your healing mind, tap into your innate capacity to rest in self, and begin to fulfill your true potential.
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