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Iyengar Yoga
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Cultivate Unshakeable Calm and Self Confidence
Actionable Strategies & Tools to ´Just Let Go´

Are you constantly plugged into the daily grind of do-do-do?  Have you read all of the self-help books and watched the YouTube videos, but still cant reduce your stress levels? This experiential 60-minute Live Online Class gives you the opportunity to unplug from it all wherever and whenever you need to. Ian teaches practical tools that allow you to view stress from a new, positive perspective. Find the balance between getting things done and just simply being, because its the do-be-do-be-do way towards better living.

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Unlock The Hidden Power of Breathwork 
Receive the Pure Conscious Flow of Life

A Live Online 60-min Class to learn the benefits, tools and practices of three of the most powerful yogic healing breathwork techniques. Boost your immunity to illness and protect your nervous system from burnout. You´ll discover how to embody a sense of conscious ease, releasing a well-spring of vitality into your life.

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Book and Coffee at Home
Quickstart Your Mind-Body-Spirit Practice
Integrate Mindful Habits Throughout Your Day

A 60-minute Live Online Class to learn and practice the modern, mindful way to prevent limiting beliefs, compulsions and negative thoughts from overwhelming you. Turn inwards to access your inner stillness and receive a 3-step guided mindfulness practice to shift you out of autopilot and back in control of your life.

(Look for the next live classes & ticket bookings/dates)