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Zenbok_ Personal Coaching

Real-Time Results Speak for Themselves

Ian's approach has shown 1000's of people worldwide to regain a sense of control of their lives. Whether you need guidance to move through issues such as overwhelm, social anxiety, fatigue, or burnout, you'll learn how to interrupt negative thought patterns, shift out of fight-or-flight mode, and attain the life you want..

Zenbok Video Call Testimonials

You´ve rescued me from
the voice in my 

      My HRV is UP! with my
   my morning workouts.

I´m so proud of my
son´s new focus skills

Your 10-minute
Vagal Brake Tool
is a miracle!

In One Session you fixed
my high stress levels

Our own Zenbok Wellness Coaches meet you where you are in life.
We provide 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom. Want to choose Ian?

Book your FREE 15-minute Discovery call with Ian here.


As a licensed TaskHuman Coach I help you meet your wellness goals by video call. Download the app here: 

Then connect by phone:

Health Coach Ian Matthews on TaskHuman
Excecutive Digital Screening Service (EDSS)
Self-Scan Your Real-Time Results - From Your Phone

Contactless Face-Scan of Your Key Biomarkers - in Seconds
IE Client Scan
Zenbok: IE Scan Results

This optional add-on to your coaching package includes weekly self-scans of your key health biomarkers. Ian analyses the results and tailors your plan accordingly for rapid results and deeper self-care of your mind, heart, and body.

From the very first video call session, Ian put me at ease with the coaching process. He listened to my specific needs and designed an action plan to change my brain and body for success!

Natalie: Business Development Manager, Paris.

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Corporate Workshops & Lectures
Building Coherent Teams

Ian Coaching APAC Groups
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