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Self Heal
& Conquer Negative Behaviours

Make Specific Changes to Your Life
Take The Action You Need to Take

When stress, anxiety, or burnout affects our lives, we can get stuck in a loop of mental and physical overwhelm. This distorts the way we think and feel, and we begin to see and experience things through a negative lens. Over time we become habitually fatigued, feeling disconnected from ourselves, others, and the world around us.







¨The natural healing force within us
is our greatest force in getting well.¨

The simple goal of our mind-body wellness programs is to give you the tools to allow your mind to relax and your body to self-regulate. We show you how to get started, by developing your key healthy traits of awareness, balance, and connection.

Inner Evolution - Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing
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Train Your Mind to Change Your Life

Ian Matthews is a 20-year Virtual Leadership Development expert, who provides strategies and tools to enable you to live your life and do your work as optimally as possible. 

He helps you to build your solid mind-body foundation, that allows you to self-regulate stress and go on to develop your peak mental, physical, and emotional condition.

His expert training and coaching is your opportunity to learn how to expand self-awareness, engage confidently with the world around you, and perform at your best.

Zenbok Founder - Ian Matthews
¨From the moment you came into this world, a ladder was placed in front of you, that you might transcend it¨
MBOE - Social Mindfulness at Work
Building Human Organisations

Mark Leonard
, co-founder of The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, has developed his evidence-based training model for
Mindfulness-Based Organisational Education (MBOE), to cultivate social mindfulness through stronger relationships in the workplace. His vision is for people to engage in developing unconditional positive regard for others.

As an Associate MBOE Provider, Ian offers a proven training and coaching model that can be delivered virtually or face to face, through engaging group activities and using practical mindful tools - creating a culture of wellness and sustainable change in your workplace.


´Empowering mindfulness sessions that dialled down our stress, facilitated emotional calm, and brought inspiration to our Spa Manager's Convention.´

Harish K - Director of Ops Indonesia & Malaysia

Mandara Spa Group

Personal Coaching - 1:1 Sessions over Video Calls
If we are the right fit - let´s do it!
 Connect 1:1 to Personal Coach Ian
Video Call Sessions on Your Preferred Topic or Goals

Need more guidance to transform specific problems into solutions? Or maybe you wish to learn how to take action to self-regulate your health and wellbeing? Connect with licensed Wellness Provider Ian, to your phone, tablet, or PC.

Global Access | Corporate Packages

Partner Minder Health App
Partner TaskHuman Wellness App
Partner Wellness Coach Zoom App
Visiting Wellness Practitioner
Zenbok TSI
Ian´s recent community workshops were held at breath-taking venues in Chiang Mai, THAILAND
November, 2022.

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