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¨I discovered natural ways at work to be able to briefly ´put down my responsibilities´ when I get over-anxious. I simply stop and practice one of the short meditation tools that Ian shared with me. After just a few minutes, I return to my tasks with clarity and feeling much more centred

Elaine - Merseyside Police
Many people now experience stress and hyper-arousal on a daily basis. In fact, it has become the accepted norm. This leads to ceaseless worry, catastrophic thinking, and a disruption to the calibration and balance of our nervous system. Short-term side-effects include fatigue, disconnect, and loneliness. Longer-term illness can last a lifetime. This is not normal in our view.

Through our health coaching expertise and
 digital wellness technology, we provide Retreats, Programs, and Masterclasses to help you to redress that balance. We also share our Neuro Reset Toolkits that empower you to show up as the best you. Change your life´s experience for good - get in touch.
Zenbok: Virtual Coaching for Whole Health Wellbeing
Zenbok Founder Ian Matthews
Health & Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Ian Matthews: Founder of Zenbok Mindful Wellbeing
Zenbok: Ian Matthews Interviews MBSR Founder Jon Kabat-Zinn
¨You can´t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.¨ 
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Employee Wellness Training - Onsite or Virtual
Ian collaborates with the worlds best digital wellness platforms who provide instant access to his signature coaching series, and much more.
He sets about turning peoples lives around by offering a holistic health & lifestyle plan to help you focus and direct your attention and energy.
Experience 24/7 complete stability, resilience, and wellbeing.
Zenbok: Employee Wellness Training
A Return To Wholeness: 3-Part Series
Delivery In-Person or via Digital Health Coaching Apps
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¨Ian soon grabbed our attention and demonstrated how Inner Evolution involved the sophisticatedly simple practices and tools of breathwork, movement and meditation.
With a mere 1-hour coaching session per week, he elevated our collective wellbeing, brought a greater sense of team cohesion, and accelerated our performance.¨ 

Hilliard - Target Plc Executive
Instant Virtual Health Coaching
Flexible, Time-Saving, Cost-Effective
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Zenbok: 1:1 Health Coaching To Your Tablet
Zenbok: 1:1 Video Call Health Coaching
In partnership with award-winning digital wellness organisations and platforms, Ian delivers live 1:1 or Group training directly to you worldwide. Ask Ian here.
Real Time Digital Coaching & Support
Our Health Coaching Platform Partners
minder app
In-Depth Guidance with Certified MinderPro Coach Ian Matthews.
Personalised Plans for your Mindful Wellbeing Transformation.
Zenbok: Wellness Coaching over Zoom App
Virtual Learning via ZOOM with Licensed Wellness Coach Ian Matthews.
Optional Motivational Videos, Team Challenges & On Demand Meditations.
***Enterprise-Wide & Annual Packages Available***
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Connect With Approved TaskHuman Coach Ian Matthews.
Wide Range of Wellness Topics / 250+ More Coach Choices!
Trusted By Global Executives and Organisations
Zenbok: Global Wellness Practitioner Services
Zenbok: Client Business Brands
Transforming Business, Communities, Schools, and More...
Zenbok: Jaguar Landrover Korea Team Activities
Zenbok: Mandara Spa Team Mindfulness Workshops
Zenbok: HP Team Energiser Sessions
¨Ian helped us to redesign our entire strategy for HR Resilience and Wellbeing Training. His contemporary wellness approach showed us how to tap into our inner calm, and cultivate greater social cohesion in the workplace.¨ 

Xavier Bernat - HP Executive