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3-Step Success System

Shift Your Life Situation
¨One can have no smaller or greater mastery
than mastery of oneself.¨

Leonardo da Vinci
Stress, anxiety, and overwhelm affect our everyday. They can overload us with mental and physical noise, until we get locked into our life situation. This in turn, negatively influences the way we think, feel, and see the world around us. Keeping us stuck.

Discover how to move forward.
(..and much more)

 Inner Evolution is a program that shows exactly how to make yourself a priority, regain balance, and turn things around - quicker and higher than ever.
Global Wellness Program - Inner Evolution
- Ian
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Awareness - Balance - Connection

 Heal yourself, and the world around you, by learning how to self-regulate your mind, body, and emotions. 

Ian Matthews brings a unique system of inner technologies and tools to empower you to live your life unfettered by fear or self-doubt.

Inner Evolution delivers all that you need to release yourself from the past and choose your brighter future. Unlock your creative energies and be your best self, through this transformational program and 6-week guided coaching journey.
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Zenbok Founder - Ian Matthews
¨From the moment you came into this world, a ladder was placed in front of you, that you might transcend it¨
Group Training - MBOE for Organisations
Buiding Human Organisations

Mark Leonard, co-founder of The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, has developed his evidence-based training model for Mindfulness-Based Organisational Education (MBOE), to cultivate social mindfulness and stronger relationships in the workplace. His vision is for your workforce to fully engage in self-exploration, improved communications, and a sense of purpose.

Fully licensed as an Associate MBOE Trainer, Ian offers practical group activities and tools for self-awareness and sustainable change in your organisation, leaders, and teams.

6 x 1 hr Sessions | In-Person | Virtual

´Empowering mindfulness sessions that dialled down our stress, facilitated emotional calm, and brought inspiration to our Spa Manager's Convention.´

Harish K - Director of Ops Indonesia & Malaysia

Mandara Spa Group

Personal Coaching - 1:1 Guidance over Video Calls
If we are the right fit - let´s do it!
 Connect 1:1 to Digital Health Coach Ian
Video Call Sessions on Your Preferred Topic

Need more guidance to transform specific problems into solutions? Or maybe you wish to learn how to take action to self-regulate your health and wellbeing? Connect with licensed Digital Health Coach Ian, to your phone, tablet, or PC.

Global Access | Corporate Packages

Partner Minder Health App
Partner TaskHuman Wellness App
Partner Wellness Coach Zoom App
Visiting Wellness Retreats & Workshops
Zenbok TSI
Ian´s recent TSI workshops were held at community venues in Chiang Mai, THAILAND
November, 2022.

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