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Things these days seem to be getting out of our control. Uncertainty, fear and anxiousness pervade the globe and this affects every aspect of our lives. Staying or working from home adds another layer of stress to our day and digital media can consume us with negativity 24/7. We can finish many of our days feeling mentally anxious and emotionally drained.

It doesn't have to be that way. Join Ian's unquenchable path to calm by

Training Your Mind To Change Your Brain



 It is a movement and quest designed for you to practise and benefit from Breathwork, Relaxation Techniques and Mindfulness Meditation. Learn how to positively change your thoughts, feelings and actions in every moment. The more times you repeat these mindful and learnable skills, the better you get at stilling the mind, producing new neural connections in your brain, and building resilience, emotional stability, focus and joy.



Ian Matthews

Mindfulness (MBSR) Master Practitioner​

Mental Health First Aider (MHFA)
Behavioural Change Therapy (MI) Counsellor
Corporate Stress Management Trainer
Foundation In Hypnotherapy (AHA)
Personal Trainer (YMCA) & Nutrition (PN) Coach
Clinical CBT/NLP Hypnotherapist
Spa Resort Visiting Wellness Practitioner

Action for Happiness Coach



Mindfulness Founder



My architect teams were under tremendous pressure due to a large and pressing defence contract nearing completion. Ian came in, worked from the top with me, with individuals and then the teams as a whole to immediately ease our stress levels, help focus our minds and boost performance just when it mattered.

During his visiting practitioner stay at our Chivitr Health & Rejuvenation Resort in Nai Harn, Ian blended with us all and also contributed with many valuable insights and ideas to our wellness vision meetings. 



Ian's coaching is calming and yet also a highly energising experience. He listens and  ensures that he designs a wellness solution to fit your specific personal issues and lifestyle. I took away many inspiring self-growth techniques that I do daily to keep strengthening my mental resilience.

´Thanks Ian. A seamless and inspirational contribution to our Spa Manager's Training Convention.´

Harish K - Director of Operations Indonesia & Malaysia

Mandara Spa Group


Be Still with Ian - via Zoom or Whatsapp Calls

Includes Breathwork, Relaxation Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation techniques.

Book a free chat and receive reassurance that your issues can be resolved.

Experience 30-minute Mental & Emotional Wellbeing coaching sessions.

Be well, excel and avoid burnout by learning Key Stillness Tools & Skills.

Go from fight and flight to ease with Personalised Free-flow Coaching: 

Hack Fear To Dial Down Your Stress & Anxiety
Sack Emotional Hi-Jack in Just 30 Seconds

Practise Your Miracle Morning Mind-body Energizer
Use Visualisation To Get A Good Night´s Sleep

Build Your Beginners Mindfulness Practice
Start Your Six-Sense Wellness Transformation 
Get Immersed In Deep Cell Renewal & Immunity

Get back in charge of your life contact Ian now >



´Ian brings a deep, real-life
know-how and unique Stillness coaching style that has helped me to take charge of my own wellbeing and upgrade
 my mental software. I came away feeling that I can go do, enjoy and achieve so much more in my life.´

Charles, Korea

´I tried grief therapy with others. It didnt work. I signed up for Ians Stillness sessions, all done remotely to my own home via whatsapp. His coaching was so professional, safe, healing and supportive.  A life-saver on so many levels.´

Joanne, Ireland

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Try Ians Relaxing MULTI-SENSORY Meditation at home 

Experience Your Own Inner Retreat

Listen to the captivating, calming music backdrop, and soothing guided meditative words. This safe and enjoyable 8-minute experience uses binaural beats that instantly lulls you through a tranquil visualisation setting. Preferably use headphones to fully experience the benefits and reduce your mental and physical anxiety.*


*Use only when sitting or lying down at home


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