About Ian Matthews

¨See the world as yourself, and have faith in the way things are.
Help others as yourself; then you can care for all things.¨ 


Master Health & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Zenbok: Know Who You Are
Associate MinderPro Health Coach
Approved TaskHuman Wellness Provider
Licensed Wellness Coach via Zoom
Accredited Suicide First Aid Tutor/Trainer
Response-Based Motivational Interviewer
Health & Fitness Personal Trainer
Mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher
Precision Nutrition Coach
Inner Engineering Isha Practitioner
Princes Trust Youth Team Leader

For two decades Ian Matthews has been a globally renowned master health coach, corporate wellness trainer, and mindfulness teacher. His time-tested and evidence-based programs have ignited people's sense of direction and purpose, whilst generating impressive returns for leading brand businesses.

His preceding careers included 18-years as a British Army Signals Liaison Officer, and a Cisco EMEA Training Manager. Over this successful period of time he also became aware of the clear link between high stress and our reduced levels of resilience. He realised it was important to seek proven, holistic ways and tools to balance out our exceptional performance with equal amounts of inner wellbeing.

Whole Health Wellbeing and the power of an integrated mind and body, proved to be his wellbeing elixir and passion. His subsequent 20-year practice and compelling global coaching have led to connections and inspiration from world-renowned contemplative leaders, including Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) founder Jon Kabat-Zinn.

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Retreats at Manjushri Bhuddist Centre
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MBSR 1:1 with the founder, Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Coaching Spa Managers in Kuala Lumpar
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Zenbok Meditation in Barcelona
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3-Step MBSR in Korean Schools
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Coaching for Nervous Presenters!
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Mindfulness Classes for the Busan Community
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Host of Happy Cafes in BCN
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Creator of Outdoor Bootcamps in Seoul
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Ian has developed into a sought-after transformative health coach, bringing impactful whole health wellbeing practices to CEO's, athletes, troubled youths, and many others. His workshops and seminars have been favoured by clients such as Virgin, HP Barcelona, Manchester United FC, and the American Chamber of Commerce Korea.

Whole Health Wellbeing Global initiatives - As featured by:

Zenbok: Global Brand Clients

He believes in our innate ability to self-regulate and recalibrate our nervous system, using holistic practices that stand the test of time and science. His mission is to help everyone he meets to take better care of themselves, and ´experience amazing´.

Free Yoga
Couple Meditating on the Beach
Group Workout
3-Part Health Coaching Series - A Return To Wholeness
Delivery In-Person or via Digital Health Coaching Apps