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About Ian Matthews


¨Wherever your attention goes, energy flows, and results show.¨
T. Harv Eker

Mindful GPT Webinar

For 20+ years Ian has been a highly effective and widely sought-after Mind-Body Medicine Specialist. His Master Facilitation of 1:1, Group, and Corporate Coaching and Training brings inspiration to so many people, whilst generating impressive returns for leading organisations.

His preceding career included 18-years as a British Army Royal Signals Warrant Officer, and a former Cisco EMEA Training Program Manager. It was during this latter period that he began to notice the adverse effects of prolonged stress on his mind and body. He chose to view this
 as a positive sign, to change direction and move into the arena of health and wellness. In the next decade he created and led outdoor fitness experiences in Dublin, Seoul, and Barcelona. 

Today, Ian is one of the leading voices in the fields of mindfulness and human behaviour. He empowers people all over the world to self-regulate their mind, body, and emotions, overcoming blocks in their life situation, and moving forwards to perform in flow.

In 2021 following a tragic family loss, he chose to process his trauma by using his experiences to benefit the greater good. His
MAVA Model for Behavioural Change was born, a holistic system of self-healing based on the previous work of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) founder Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Polyvagal Therapy (PVT) creator Stephen Porges. This practical framework provides impactful tools and technologies to support the recovery and renewal of clients who are dealing with addiction, chronic stress, high-trait anxiety, or trauma.

His recent work has been influenced by the trainings and insights received from MBOE/Social Mindfulness creator Mark Leonard, and Scientist Dr Joe Dispenza.


Global clients include CEO's, HR Executives, Students, Spa Resort Hosts and Guests, and Public Service employees. His workshops and seminars have been favoured by JP Morgan, Kim and Chang, Mandara Spa Group, Virgin, HP Barcelona, Manchester United FC, NHS, GEC, AmCham Korea...and many more.

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