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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher (OMC/MBSR)
MinderPro Welltech Health Coach (ObVus Solutions) 
Suicide First Aid Trainer & Tutor Trainer (NCSPET/C&G)
TaskHuman Approved Personal Wellness & Self-Care Pro
Human Behaviour & Development Counsellor (MI/BPS)
Team Leader Youth Vulnerability (Princes Trust)
Personal Health & Fitness Trainer (YMCA/CPR)

Nutritional Specialist (Precision Nutrition)
Hypnotherapy Facilitator (HMI/AHA)

Ian is a former British Army Systems Engineer, and Cisco Systems EMEA Training Manager, who has always enjoyed engaging and meaningful work. Yet at one stage in the early 1990s, he suddenly came to experience the negative effects of stress on himself and those around him when placed under excessive pressure. In those days when someone was feeling overwhelmed mentally or physically, they were usually told to ¨get on with it¨, ¨just relax¨, or ¨go see the doc, take a chill pill¨ etc.

Ian believes that very few of us, including those in medical or health-care professions, know how to truly relax, without resorting to external distractions, medications or
toxins of some sort. This realisation helped him to wake up and own up to the reality of his condition. He believed that by turning his attention inwards he could tap into his innate healing resources and find an authentic sense of calm and ease.
In the year 2000, much to the astonishment of colleagues and friends, he quit his lucrative job and lifestyle, and began to study and practice multiple integrated well-being therapies - to find ways to self-regulate his mind, body and emotions. This included a year long Vipassana Retreat at the Buddhist Manjushri Temple for World Peace, under the tutelage of Meditation Master Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.
Ian met and studied with global wellness luminaries including Jon Kabat-Zinn, the father figure of Mindfulness/MBSR. Over time and through diligent scientific research, he developed and practised his own personal wellness routines, at first on himself and later on willing friends and family, that included daily meditation, movement, and breathwork to instill healthier states of mindfulness, kindness and compassion. Nowadays he is fortunate to share his whole-person coaching methods globally with you and your teams, to help break any recurring cycles of stress, gain a positive mental outlook, and re-ignite your passion for life.
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South Korea

´My architect teams were under pressure due to a large and pressing defence contract nearing completion. With his natually calming persona and easy to follow present moment practices, he showed us how to remain focused and energised on the process, not the end-game. Mission complete and thanks coach, we are so glad we chose you.´