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About Ian Matthews
Coach - Trainer - Consultant

¨Wherever your attention goes, energy flows, and results show.¨
T. Harv Eker

Mindful GPT Webinar

With 20+ years specialising in healing the mind-body connection from the effects of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, Ian offers step-by-step programs using breath, movement, and mindfulness - to rewire your nervous system’s stress responses. His coaching, training and consultancy brings a certain sense of expertise and tangible relief to so many people seeking to recover rapidly from adversity, whilst generating impressive performance returns for leading organisations.

Ian´s preceding career included 18-years as a British Army Royal Signals Warrant Officer, and a former Cisco EMEA Training Program Manager. Today he is one of the leading voices in the fields of Mindfulness and Polyvagal Therapy. He
delivers results - in-company, via live video, or through his upcoming online academy.

MAVA Model for breakthrough behavioural change is adapted from the work of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) founder Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Polyvagal Therapy (PVT) creator Stephen Porges. Ian thrives by continuously producing cutting-edge ways to enhance your wellbeing and vitality. He recently attended training from MBOE/Social Mindfulness creator Mark Leonard, and Neurochange Solutions/Dr Joe Dispenza, to develop even better ways to change your life.

 ´Changing your mind, will change your world.´

Ian Matthews


Global clients include CEO's, HR Executives, Students, Spa Resort Hosts and Guests, and Public Service employees. His workshops and seminars have been favoured by JP Morgan, Kim and Chang, Mandara Spa Group, Virgin, HP Barcelona, Manchester United FC, NHS, GEC, AmCham Korea...and many more.

The Zenbok Global Wellbeing Outreach - Gallery

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