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Looking for a way to kick-off your self-care practice by learning new tools to be a better version of yourself? Discover how to become aware of your breath, tune into your nervous system, and banish all of your misconceptions about meditation. Get ready to find complete balance and total Zen with Integrated Wellness Specialist Ian Matthews. In this personal wellness journey, Ian eases you step by step into your daily wellness practices to heal your mind, body, and soul - and help you to develop a takeaway practice that works for you. Beginning and sticking with any new practice is not so easy, so he will start things easy by asking you to devote just a few minutes a day for the first few days (preferably when you first wake in the morning) and gradually work your way to adding more healing tools to your personalised takeaway toolkit. You will learn how to quieten your mind, and notice areas of habitual tension and discomfort in the body. ***Once we receive your payment, Ian will contact you directly to organise your preferred 1:1 dates & times. ***Before each session, Ian will send you the link to join him on your 1:1 coaching session via Zoom. ***Each coaching session is exactly 45-minutes in duration. ***You can participate from home, work, or outside. You can look forward to his expert insights and tools, guaranteed to help you find peace and harmony within yourself.





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