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zenbok media features

´From Military Engineer to Inner Engineer´

Zenbok Founder | Chief Wellbeing Officer
Mindfulness (MBSR/MBOE) Trainer

Zenbok Neuro-Leadership Coach
Zencheck Creator & Practitioner
Global Digital Health Coach

¨The universe is change, and our life is what our thoughts make of it.¨
Marcus Aurelius

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Ian teaches individuals, teams, and organisations how to use holistic guidance and wellness technologies to reshape their approach to mental health & wellbeing. Over time his practical tools change how you work, live, and interact with the world.

His career paths include British Army WO2 Foreman of Signals, and Cisco EMEA Training Programme Manager. During these formative years he experienced life's rollercoaster of excitement, stress, achievement, and overwhelm, both in himself and those around him. He was prescribed medicinal routes to manage stress, but this did little more than dampen down the symptoms, and introduce unwelcome side-effects. Instead he chose the holistic pathway, to gain mind mastery and inner harmony.

Today Ian is a leading global voice in the field of mental wellness. Using the science of Neurobiology, Mindfulness, and Polyvagal Therapy, he creates tools to transform stress into an opportunity to build health, longevity, and performance. His work has been featured in global media outlets and adopted by leading organisations.


Ian builds brighter minds, worldwide. His work is favoured by CEO's, CHRO, Police & Fire Responders, Health Carers, Students, and Athletes. His programs have been adopted by JP Morgan, Kim and Chang, Mandara Spa Group, Hong Kong GTC, Virgin, HP Barcelona, Manchester United FC, NHS, GEC, AmCham Korea and more.


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