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Driving Change Wherever You Are At

The current human condition is one of overthinking and overwhelm. Our unobserved minds function day-to-day in ´autopilot mode´.
The sub-conscious mind starts to call the shots and we develop a maladaptive response to stress, where we are almost permanently ´on´. In this anxious state we are an accident waiting to happen. That is why setting the intention to reclaim our attention is a potent human strategy to adopt both in our personal and professional lives.

Through regular practice of Ian´s holistic techniques and tools on a daily basis, you emerge with an actionable and future-proof roadmap for success. The
 investment in your inner wellbeing will ripple from the inside out, as you
 proceed to thrive in your work-life.
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Self-Paced Learning
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¨I am no longer what happened to me.
I am what I choose to become¨.

Carl Jung

The 7-Part Program to Transform Your Life

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Ian shows you how to make lasting changes to your brain and biology, guiding you through your recovery from stress, anxiety, or overwhelm, towards an optimal state of human performance.

-Take back control of your mind, body, emotions and energies.
Discard those old fears, beliefs, and
unconscious attitudes.
- Rewire your neural brain maps to create new results.

By choosing to change the way you think, feel, and act you take consistent action to override the past, cultivate a vibrant state of being, and move on to create a high performing, fulfilling life.

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Technologies to Measure Change

Virtual Healthcare Scanning - Results in Real Time
We partner with Vastmindz platform 
Visix to assess & improve your biomarkers of change. Contactless screening in seconds.


Change your brain and biology - 7 steps to transform your life. Tailor-made Coaching & Training for 1:1 | Leaders | Teams
 Results via Microsoft Teams.

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