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Inner Evolution
3-Step Success System
¨I am no longer what happened to me.
I am what I choose to become.¨

Carl Jung

Going Through a Difficult Time?
Bounce Back Faster & Higher - with Inner Evolution

Ian with Brain Tool

20+ Years of

Choose to Bounce Back

An unobserved mind can cause havoc with our thoughts and emotions. Not only can this switch our body from calm to chaos, but it can keep us frozen there, 24/7.

Ian offers a coaching framework to help you choose when and where to use his unique tools adapted from Polyvagal Therapy and Mindfulness Practice.

Relax your Mind - Reset your Body - Raise your Game

1:1 Personal Coaching via Phone, Tablet, or PC.

Believe in ie.jpg
Start your 6-week coaching journey with Ian.

Follow his well-informed 
EMPOWER framework to show you exactly how to get started, and commit to your personal wellness and self-care. Make that shift happen.
Zenbok_ 1_1 Digital Health Coaching
Self-Check Your Stress Levels
The Contactless Face-Scan | In Just 40 Seconds
IE Client Scan
Zenbok: IE Scan Results

¨I sent my biomarker face scans to Coach Ian. He analysed the results, and fine-tuned my program accordingly. My fatigue turned to fearlessness. Amazing.¨

Inner Evolution Client: Natalie
Digital Nomad - Paris

Use The Power of Vibration to get to understand your health markers, through self-scans that measure the light bouncing back from your face. Get expert guidance to accelerate your wellbeing results.

SCAN:  Your 6 key vital biomarkers. 
SEND:   Your results to Ian for analysis.
SAVOUR: Your visibly healthier outcomes.

Your Scan Data is Highly Safe & Secure.
(Includes your hrv, stress index, and blood pressure biomarkers)

¨Ian showed me how to reset my  stress levels, clear any morning brain fog, and increase my stamina.  Extra stubborn bodyfat melted away too. Bonus.¨

Adam after Inner Evoluton.jpg

Inner Evolution Client: Adam
CEO of Futurely - Bangkok.

Using the right Inner Technologies and Tools


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