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Inner Evolution
The Self-Care Program
¨I am no longer what happened to me.
I am what I choose to become.¨

Carl Jung
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Personal Wellness & Self-Care

The current human condition is one of overthinking and overwhelm. Throughout the day, our unobserved minds cause havoc with our thoughts and emotions, shifting our body from calm to chaos, and keeping us stuck there.

How To Self-Regulate Stress
By understanding the root cause of stress, you can retune your nervous system, override those old, conditioned patterns and irrational fears, and reset mental and emotional overload - to look forward to an exceptional life.

Zenbok_ 1_1 Digital Health Coaching
The Right Tools for Transformation

Ian does what it takes to design your tailor-made practice that fits into your normal day. You get clear guidance on how to make the changes needed, and the specific tools that transform your problems into action, to move forward in life.
Measure Real-Time Health Biomarkers
DIY Face-Scan in Just 30 Seconds - From Your Phone
IE Client Scan
Zenbok: IE Scan Results

¨I sent my face scan results to Coach Ian. He analysed the results and fine-tuned my health program. Now I know the importance of having a healthy HRV .¨

Inner Evolution Client: Natalie
Digital Nomad - Paris

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The #1 Global 1:1 Coaching Program
Easy-to-learn, practical tools, instantly.
60 min Sessions over 6 weeks.


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