Your 3-Part Balanced Lifestyle Program

Through Mindful Interventions
& Holistic Health Practices

Optimal mental health & wellbeing arises through a deeper awareness of what we are doing behaviourally, an acceptance of our responsibility to make changes for the better, and an understanding of the actions we can take towards optimal mental, physical, and emotional balance.

Over a 12-week coaching period, we focus on the 3 human dimensions of wellbeing:
Zenbok: Breathwork Yoga
Zenbok: Movement Yoga
Zenbok: Meditation Yoga

Feel to Heal

Retune your Nervous System

Savour The Present Moment

Our live 1:1 or group health coaching expertise is available at your mobile, tablet, or desktop, from anywhere in the world. When you choose to start your peak health & mental wellbeing journey with us, you´ll practice a powerful range of holistic techniques and practical tools that are designed to achieve your personal and collective wellness goals and vision. Your live coaching experience includes:

Your Tailored 3-Part Plan for Instant Lifestyle Change.
Guided Breathing, Movement, and Meditation Practices.
Ongoing and personalised optimal nutrition assessments.
Regular Key Biomarker Health Scans, From Your Phone.
Lifetime Social support through our facebook community


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