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Mental Resilience in The Workplace

Brain and Behavioural Change Practices & Tools.
Guided 1:1 & Team V
ideo Call Coaching Sessions.
Comprehensive Facilitation for On-Site Delivery.

Online Academy, Community, and Support.
Inner Evolution - Mental Resilience & Wellbeing Program
An Integrated Digital Health & Aftercare Solution

This whole-person approach takes the guess work out of building your personalised mental health and wellbeing action plan. Using a guided coaching framework, you learn new tools to handle the fight-or-flight of modern life, to Reset, Restore, and Rewire your bodymind, and move on through any challenge to reach your highest potential.


¨Inner Evolution is my much-needed user guide to mental resilience. Now I know how to manage my mind, balance my body, and stop emotional hi-jack in its tracks.¨

Adam after Inner Evoluton.jpg

Inner Evolution Client: Adam
CEO of Futurely - Bangkok.

MBOE - Social Mindfulness Workshops
Building Human Organisations

Ian is an Approved Trainer and collaborator of the next-level Mindfulness-Based Organisational Education (MBOE) model created by Mark Leonard, 
co-founder of The Oxford Mindfulness Centre. MBOE is an evidence-based framework delivered as a 6-week course for organisational change, enhanced social relationships, and a sustainable culture of wellbeing at work.

Ian MBOE Training
SFA - Suicide First Aid Training
International Suicide Prevention
Public Courses on Zoom - for all

Ian is an Associate Tutor-Trainer with the National Centre for Suicide Prevention, Education, and Training in the UK. He provides gold standard training for suicide prevention courses across the globe. Accredited and assured by the City & Guilds in London, learn the skills to confidently intervene and save a life. 3.5 hours training, includes student guidebooks, and option to obtain your digital SFA badge.

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